Omron blood pressure monitor teardown

This is a teardown of an Omron M6 Comfort blood pressure monitor. This was several years old model (newer looks different). This teardown was done because this was no longer reliable – the display was missing most of graphics.

Let’s open it. Open two screws and use pry tool to open plastic case.

Let’s go deeper…

We finally see main circuit board, pressure pump, air valve and pressure sensor.

Main controller on circuit board has marking CP23AUG-6JE6. Not too much more interesting parts on the board.

The display problem was related to bad flat display cable connection to the board. Lot’s of bad and barely working connections. This is quite common reason why displays fail when product ages.

With some reheating I got many of them working, which looked promising. But finally not all needed to return displat to fully working condition… maybe there was issues beyond flat to board connection. So the repair attempt failed this time.

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  1. Kshitij Bali says:

    Can you tell the specifics of the air pump


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