Uusiteknologia 1/2020 magazine published

Uusiteknologia.fi is a Finnish language electronics and technology professionals magazine published on-line.

In the newest issue have written articles on many high tech topics (text in Finnish with short introduction in English). Earlier issues have been published as an electronic magazine that looks like a regular printed magazine, but this newest issue is published in normal web pages format. Newest issue Uusiteknologia 1/2020 was published yesterday evening.


This issue has two articles written by me:


TEEMAJUTTU: VAARALLISIA VIRHEITÄ MIKROPIIREISSÄ = Micro-circuit errors and vulnerabilities

“Over last couple of years, information on security holes in processors made by Intel in particular have become widespread. But security holes have also been found in other manufacturers’ chips: processors, memory circuits, programmable logics and various interface chips. The security provided by the operating systems of computers and many embedded systems is largely based on the use of memory protection. Memory protection provided by the CPU memory management unit can be used to prevent applications from accessing each other’s memory areas or the operating system’s memory area. But this memory protection is not always 100 percent effective in many popular processors. You can find more about this topic in the link bank published online in Uusiteknologia.fi 1/2020 www-magazine (LINK).”

Kortillinen tekoälyä sulautettuihin = Artficial intelligence is also coming into embedded systems

“Artificial intelligence will be seen even more more often an important part of the future of the Internet of Things and, for example, robots and development of autonomous vehicles. The need to process data more and more where data is being created, is taking machine learning and artificial intelligence to ever smaller devices. We gathered here article on basic information about artificial intelligence. In addition, we present seven processor cards with can be used to implement the first practical artificial intelligence controls. You can find more about New Technology 1/2020 via the link bank (LINK).”


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