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HDMI cable EMC failures

It seems that he quality of video cables sold in EU should be much better than it is now. I am not talking about mechanical strength or ability to transfer signal through, but the electromagnetic compatibility. The Swedish Electrical Safety Agency, together with other authorities within the EU, has tested HDMI and antenna cables. EMC

Big Outage Day October 4, 2021

Monday October 2021 was an Internet outage day. Many Facebook users faced outage and felt they had “internjet” instead of Internet. Also has few hours outage. went down few hours earlier. When I got my server up, in few hours Facebook was able to get their site up. Interesting correlation, but correlation does

USB C vs US outlet

Have you noticed that the size of the USB C plug is such that it is possible to insert it to an US outlet. The USB C connector just fits to the wider prong hole in the US connector (slightly too big for thinner prong hole). It is even possible to make the USB connector

Death by malware

Years ago cyber security experts have expected that in coming years malware can start to kill people. If hackers attack your organization and you’re in an industry such as financial services, engineering, or manufacturing your risks are mostly monetary. But when it comes to healthcare cybersecurity, not only is there significant financial jeopardy, people’s health