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HP LaserJet 1200 printer repair

I started to have paper jamming problems on my old HP Laserjet 1200n printer. It is a printer model released in around 2001. The HP 1200 printer has both parallel and USB ports, the N version comes with Ethernet network adapter box that plugs to USB port. The native control language is PCL 5 and

CES 2023

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is held every year in Las Vegas. The world’s biggest annual consumer technology show is ready and raring to welcome back thousands of exhibitors and media to Las Vegas in the first week of the year. CES 2023 will host around 2,400 exhibitors. CES is typically where many of

Tech trends 2023

Here is collection of some predictions for year 2023. This is a collection of links to prediction articles followed by a short quote or quotes of what I see the main points in them. Ennuste vuodelle 2023: Ongelmat helpottavat “After a couple of exceptional years, the electronics market, challenged by the pandemic and pent-up demand,

World Introvert Day

Introverts worldwide get to celebrate World Introvert Day on January 2, the day after the dreaded festivities of the past year ends, when they can finally get some peace and quiet to recharge their social batteries. This day is best celebrated, not by throwing a party, but by canceling one.