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Friday Fun: Bizarre Products

19 Bizarre Products Big Companies Trotted Out Being known for “that one thing” can be emotionally draining on a person, but sometimes for big companies staying to make what people know your brand could be better than trying some bizarre product launch. Related article:

Coiling cables correctly

Over-under coiling is the way to go. This video we will cover the proper method for coiling cables. It allows the cable to lie flat when uncoiled, and makes for easier and faster work. Over-Under cable coiling is a technique for winding up your cables and wires in a way that extends their longevity and

From audio mixer to synth

This is a neat trick to get strange sounds out of your audio mixer. This video shows the spectacular world of using no-inout-feedback-mixing to turn a mixer into a synth. You can get many possible sounds from just an old analogue audio mixer and an aux cable. Truly astonishing squirrrklly tones! Have you tried it?

Friday Fun: UUN

uun (unshielded untwisted notpair) UUP (unshielded untwisted pair) Unshielded but not so twisted wire pairs in this Ethernet cable It is essentially multiple twin lead transmission lines, but yeah, lacking the benefits of twisting. And there is that one “split pair” that goes to pins 3 and 6. If other pairs are close what they

50 years of innovation

There has been 50 years for many significant technical innovations at the moment or just passed. For example there mobile phones and bar codes are now 50 years old. Also there is 50 years from the time people visited moon. Here are some news links related to them. The Matrix phone to the iPhone –

Arduino UNO R4

Arduino has released an official successor to the iconic Arduino UNO R3 board, the most well-known representative of the microcontroller platform and programming environment based on Arduino’s open hardware, has been released. The Arduino UNO R4 is the first major update to the venerable Arduino UNO R3, which has been around since 2010 and has