Digital Money box

Tired of the usual piggy bank? Tired of having to count every coin cent by cent? Here is a quick test of electronics gadget that solves the counting problem. Digital Moneybox Savny InnovaGood is a Gadget Tech Digital Electronic Money Box! It is advertised as a perfect gift for kids and adults to start learning to save!

InnovaGoods Gadget Tech Electronic Digital Money Box

Take home this digital money box that will keep track of your savings. It is very simple to use, simply insert the coins into the top slot and the electronic counter will indicate the amount of euro inserted, which allows you to easily monitor exactly how much you are saving.


The product us made of of ABS and PP plastics (plus some electronics). It has a built-in digital counter with LCD screen that is battery operated (2 x AA). The product diameter x height is approx. 12 x 17 cm. It comes with instructions for many languages.

It is very simple to use, simply insert euros in the slot on top and the electronic counter will indicate the amount inserted, so you can easily monitor exactly how much you are saving.

This coin box displays the amount inserted and the amount saved Euro. This product works only with all euro coins. The product has a reset button to restart the counter and revert it back to 0 when you empty it.


This is an amazing gadget product that works. It is big enough to fit big enough digits, twist off cap and classic AA batteries. It worked OK. Overall a good product.

Some details of it could be improved somewhat I think. In the beginning it needed more force than I expected to insert the coins. After some use it loosened so not that much force was needed. This product has a small flaw is that if the coin is not inserted decisively it can be erroneously calculated by the mechanism.

Let’s take a look on the mechanism how it works:



Here is a white moving part on the coin slot that moves when the coin is inserted. The display system reads the information how much that part is moved, and in this way gets information to coin diameter. Different value Euro coins have different diameters, so this product can detect what is the value of the coin.

If you likes what you read, go to buy your own Digital Moneybox Savny InnovaGood from Speciara with free shipping to European countries.


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