MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN True RMS multimeter review

I have wanted for some time multimeter display to be as close as possible to the measurement point. MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN True RMS Digital Multimeter + Voltage Test Pen +Phase Sequences Meter 3 In 1 Color Screen Voice Broadcast is a nice and comfortable tester tool solves that! I find this multimeter very useful to make measurements while keeping a vision on the display. The good part is that being light makes it easy to transport and use. It is a pretty cheap meter (18-30 USD).


Here is a video overview of the meter:
Banggood – Small Pen Style English Speaking Multimeter: MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN

MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN Specifications:

DC voltage: 0.8-1000V
AC voltage: 0.8-700V
Resistance: 0.1-60MΩ
Capacitance: 10nF- 60mF
Frequency: 1Hz-10MHz
Temperature: -20°C-50°C/0-122°F
Diode: 3.0V
Buzzer: 0.1-50Ω
Fire distinguish: yes
Phase sequences:yes
Flashlight: yes
True RMS: yes
Power supply: 1.5V AAA*1
Low voltage prompt: yes
Automatic shutdown: yes
Backlight: yes
Keeping data: yes
Size: 171*21*21mm
Net weight: 80g

MUSTOOL MT007/MT007 Pro Digital Multimeter丨Pen Multimeter – Banggood Tool Sets

Ranges (spec):

* V=/V~: 6V, 60V, 600V (0.5%+4)
* V=: 1000V (0.8%+10)
* V~: 700V (0.8%+10)
* R: 600Ohm (0.8+5), 6k, 60k, 600k, 6M (0.8%+3), 60M (2.5%+3)
* C: 10nF, 100nF, 1µF, 10µF, 100µF, 1mF, 10mF (3.5%+20), 60mF (5%+3)
* T: -20°C … 50°C (1°C res, 1.0%+5); °F available as well
* Neutral/Live test
* Non contact phase sequence measurement

It’s very small, like a marker pen. The meter came packed in standard Banggood shipping bag. Inside this the meter has it’s own cardboard box. In the box is the meter a test lead and instructions booklet (Chinese and English).

Very practical, compact, light and complete for most measurements. It has automatic operation mode that does most normal measurements nicely, and you can manually select the measurement range if you need. The display is bright and sufficiently readable despite its small size. The display is clear and the display is updated quite fast! The power supply is one 1.5V AAA battery.

Product corresponds to the description. Quality and workmanship are very good. Measurement results are precise and easy to read. Testing it briefly showed that it works well. The product turned out better than I expected. I like the screen resolution, the color offers a very good and clear image. The display is clear and the display is updated quite fast for most measurement!

I find this multimeter very useful to make measurements while keeping a vision on the display which is very bright and sufficiently readable despite its small size. The values recorded during the measurements were very accurate. Voice feature let’s me to get the reading even when I am not looking at the display.

Evaluating a multimeter

Form factor: It is like fat marker pen. Easy to carry and easy to use. It is very good size to have it always in your trouser pocket. Easy to measure, it has auto mode for everything so you only put the leads on your testing point. Good buzzer works immediately when you touch measuring leads without needs to push any button. It has also led indicator and flashlight to point the measuring tip.

Functionality: Check the range of measurement capabilities are voltage, resistance, capacitance, temperature, non contact voltage, live/neutral wire detection and three phase sequence test. An advanced and practical multimeter with multiple functions at a low price. This meter has also built-in small LED flashlight. It is good because it is small in size, has automatic operation, and has everything you need, as well as those large instruments. Nice and comfortable tester. 6000 resolution counts, 3 and 5/6 bits. Not a laboratory device, but for domestic and semiprofessional applications the most necessary. Nice and handy tester.

Display and User Interface: This meter has a small but clear and easy-to-read display. The meter different operations are performed with three buttons. The product is very easy to use in AUTO mode. After some learning you get to know how to turn on other modes. All his functions are functioning properly and stable. Display works well from different viewing angels. It works fine in dark environments (display light always on), but becomes very hard to impossible to read with direct sunlight on it.

Automatic Power Off: To save battery life, the meter automatically switches off after five minutes of inactivity. This feature cannot be turned off.

Special features: The MT007 PRO-EN meter can speak out the measurement results in English. The broadcast voice language only supports English. MT007 PRO-EN is with voice on by default. The voice that is by default turned on is sometimes slightly annoying but will be handy when using the meter in tight spaces where you can’t see the display. If you want to use the meter without voice, you can do that when you you press and hold the N/LP button and turn on the multi-meter, the voice broadcast will be cancelled.

Accuracy and Precision: A good multimeter should provide accurate and precise measurements across various ranges. This meter offers 6000 resolution counts, which means 3 and 5/6 numbers. The readings were pretty accurate. This meter is not a laboratory device, but for domestic and semiprofessional applications works OK.

True RMS too! The measurements I tested were within the advertised tolerance. Actually the accuracy of the tested meter is much better than the specifications promise in voltage measurement. This device can measure the true RMS value of an AC voltage accurately. The manufacturer promises AC measurements to work from 50 Hz to 800 Hz accurately (0.5% or 0.8%). If you are satisfied with an error of approximately 5 %, you can measure AC voltages between 10 Hz and 2 kHz.

Build Quality and Durability: The quality of the materials used and the overall build of the multimeter seems to be OK. The product turned out better than I expected. Beautiful, useful and very practical. Comfortable in hand. I find the cable probe a bit stiff for this size device but otherwise it is a very good device.

Safety Features: Generally for multimeter safety we should look for features like overload protection, fused inputs, and proper category ratings to ensure safe usage in different environments. This meter feels OK. Supplied measurement cable looks safe and meter itself looks OK. Probe tip covers included and removeable, which is a plus. The multimeter manufacturer mentiones IEC1010 standard, but does not specify any CAT safety class for this. So we should expect that this meter belongs to lowest CAT I category, which means it would be suitable only for Electronic Devices testing anything from a small circuit board to larger device with high-voltage but low-energy. It might not be safe for single phase AC loads measurement. This is not a disaster for measuring in PCBs that are powered by low DC voltages. In principle, you should not use this device with its EF, LIvE and PA functions, because there is a direct link to the mains voltage. While the device behaved correctly at 230V AC, I would highly recommend not to use it regularly at more than 50V~/120V= or better stay below the 30/60 boundary to be sure. This multimeter does not have fuses in it, and can go without them because it does not have any current measurement range.

Missing features: The features this meter misses compared to many other multimeters is that MT007PRO-EN cannot measure current and frequency. It does not come with a carrying pouch but the box is sturdy enough for carrying.

Price and Value for Money: The price of the multimeter in relation to its features and overall quality seems to be OK. The lack is safety CAT rating a minus. If you plan to use this only for low voltage electronics measurement, this would offer good value of money.

Different measurement modes operation

The red one is the most important. After pressing this button for two seconds, the device is switched on. The display shows ‘Auto’ as an indication that the fully automatic measuring function is switched on. In this mode, the meter should decide by itself which measuring mode you want to choose. This works perfectly if you connect a DC or AC voltage or a resistor to the meter. .

With the second button ‘HOLD’ you can freeze the measured value on the display.

With the third button, you switch to the AC voltage detector function. This gives you three options, which can be called up again by briefly pressing the button several times: EF (Indication of electric fields), LIvE (Live or neutral wire indication) and PA (phase sequence indication in a tree phase connections). If this button is pressed for more than two seconds, the LED flashlight above the measuring pin turns on or off.


AUTO mode: In auto mode, the voltage readings are fast and continuity is delayed by about a second. Resistance readings are delayed by the same amount of time. Input resistance in auto-mode is around 10 megaohms.

Manual Voltage mode: In manual mode, voltage readings never take longer than about half a second. The specifications say it does three measurements per second.

Measuring resistances: The specs give an accuracy of ±(0.8 % + 5 digits), my meters performs much better. The resistance checking is only under “AUTO” mode. The measurement time is a bit slow. It can take few seconds for the resistance reading to settle.

Measuring capacitors: Also when measuring capacitors, you usually have to set the measuring function by hand. This is done by pressing the red button briefly several times. It works OK and seems to give accurate results, but it is bit slow. Capacitance test takes about 3-4s and takes a couple of readings to settle down at higher values. Measuring especially large capacitors such as electrolytic capacitors is very slow taking many seconds up to over 10 seconds. As was to be expected, large errors occur when measuring electrolytic capacitors like with many other multimeters also. The reason is that this meter (like many other) uses a constant current is passed through the capacitor and time for capacitor to charge is measured. This method does not take into account the leakage current of an electrolytic capacitor. Some electrolytic capacitors that have a large leakage current and the capacity of such an electrolytic capacitor is measured with an error that can reach tens of percents.

Measuring temperatures: Temperature measurement is a quite useless function on this device. The temperature sensor is somewhere in the device on the PCB and the only thing you can measure is the room temperature when the meter had been in the room for a long time. Unexpectedly, pleasantly and undocumented, this meter can measure the temperature also with a K-type thermocouple when connected to the terminals and meter set to temperature measurement mode.

Continuity test: With continuity test mode built into AUTO mode, you can test low-impedance connections hearing beep when there is a low resistance between test leads. Good that the buzzer works immediately when you touch measuring leads in default AUTO mode without needs to push any button to activate it. The continuity testing mode is not very fast, it can take a fraction of second until the beeper reacts when you make connection. The open terminal voltage in AUTO mode when measured with other multimeter was around 0.6V the short-circuit current was around 0.16 mA. The threshold between beeping and not beeping is about 50 ohms.

The EF function: With the EF function, you should bring the measuring tip of the meter near a point on which the mains voltage is present. The red LED should then light up, the buzzer should beep, and the display should show a number of dashes indicating the strength of the 50-60 Hz field. This function is very sensitive, maybe too sensitive to be practical. Detect live voltage / voltage tester can’t be trusted.

The LIvE function: The LIvE function allows you to distinguish between live and neutral. If you touch a live wire, ‘OL’ appears on the display and the red LED and the buzzer are activated. Otherwise, the green LED lights up. This might not be a very useful functionality, because the meter lacks the necessary safety ratings for measuring mains wiring. Detect live voltage / voltage tester can’t be trusted.

The PA function: The PA function is only useful if you have a 3-phase connection where you want to know the phase order. There is a phase shift of 120° between the three voltages on the three live wires of a three phase connection. With this function you can look up the correct order of those three phases. Put the meter in PA mode and touch one of the phase connections with the tip of meter. The meter beeps briefly, the display shows ‘PA’. Then touch one of the other two phase connections with the measuring tip. If you now have the one that has been shifted 120° in phase from the first, the display will show ‘PAB’ and the meter will beep. Finally, touch the third phase, the meter beeps again and the display shows ‘PABC’. This might not be a very useful functionality, because the meter lacks the necessary safety ratings for measuring the voltages present on three phase connections. This meter is not safe to use it in an area where there is a phase sequence to be measured.

With all those functions this multimeter could be handy gadget for a service technician. However, due to the lack of a proper CAT rating, it is only allowed to be used in low-voltage circuit boards and not mains environment according to the European electrical safety regulations. This device probably would work in 230 V environments, but if something ever goes wrong, an insurance company can cause trouble about working with a CAT I device in a mains environment.

Here are some review videos of different MT007 multimeter versions (ones with and without voice broadcast).

Banggood – Small Pen Style English Speaking Multimeter: MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN

MUSTOOL MT007/MT007 Pro Digital Multimeter丨Pen Multimeter – Banggood Tool Sets

MUSTOOL MT007 Pro EN True RMS Digital Multimeter + Voltage Test Pen + Phase Sequences

Mustool MT007 Pro – Review (Portugal)

Banggood – Small Pen Style English Speaking Multimeter: MUSTOOL MT007 Pro-EN

mini pen multimeter full review|Mustool mt007 pro|mt007 pro|aneng a3008|kkm99|kkm100|rm206|a3008

Mustool MT007 Pro – Review

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How to buy:

From Banggood go to MUSTOOL MT007 Pro 3 in 1 Pen-type Digital Multimeter True RMS Multimeter + Voltage test pen + Phase Sequences Meter Color Screen page ans select with meter type (MT007Pro-EN model with voice broadcast).


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