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Light bulbs and tubes bans in 2023

The time has come to phase out the use of toxic materials, such as mercury and phosphorus, in order to protect human health and the environment from their harmful effects. In the European Union, the use of mercury in products has been phased out gradually since 2006, and it is restricted by the RoHS Directive

Philips business failures

Philips has been one of the most innovative companies along with Sony… Used to make so many great chips! Philips they were once biggest and one of the most innovative electronics products and component companies in Europe before they were what seems to be mismanaged to become pretty much obsolete in many fields they used

Fun: Cut the cable

For network safety? You might have seen earlier this picture at or many other sites. You can’t hack an air gap! That seems to be real. Not a fake meme. That was a special run of cable made specifically for the OHM conference in 2013 There is picture in Pinterest and Starecat of

Ceiling light wiring in Finland

Replacing or installing a ceiling light fixture is often necessary because an old fixture has worn out or you want to do a decor overhaul. The work itself is usually quite easy, though anytime you are working with electricity there is some danger. Since an incorrectly installed lamp can cause an electric shock or fire

Moisture detector circuit failures

I saw this circuit design at “I take pictures of electronics part @Facebook” As many circuit designs posted to Facebook, this has it’s problems and non-idealities. Here are some comments on this circuit design: 1. At worst case LED will shine bright as a star in the sky until either it or the transistor

New DCL light socket

European ceiling lights will start to use a common plug for easy installation. Device for Connection of Luminaires (DCL) is a European standard for ceiling light fixtures introduced in 2005 and refined in 2009. The history is longer. The history of the common ceiling light plug goes longer. In Finnish apartments, for over thirty years,

Repairing An Xbox One Controller

I had one Xbox One Wireless Controller with broken bumber buttons. So I had to do Bumpers Replacement. Here are links to information I used in the repair problems. Xbox One Wireless Controller Repair The Xbox Wireless Controller, manufactured by Microsoft, is commonly used with the Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but the