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Wire ferrule crimping tools

Wire Ferrules (sometimes called Cord End Sleeves) allow the easy and reliable connection of flexible leads to screw terminals. Ferrules are the preferred alternative to twisting wire strands or tinning the wire end (tinned ends should not be terminated in compression clamps). Industrial best practice is to NOT tin wires that are to be terminated

Cheap USB microscope on test

When electronics gets smaller and smaller, you first need a magnifier and sometimes a microscope. There are cheap small microscopes like one I used in my DIY fiber optic microscope article. The downside of traditional microscopes and those cheap small pocket microscopes is that you have to stay curved over the target sample to use

Shell script testing

Some time ago I had to test several shell scripts how they affect the running environment on Linux. I ended up writing this simple script to help testing. This example script runs script, and shows changes to enviroment variables the script causes. !/bin/bash # # Script to handle file sending to server # env


In Linux system almost everything is a file. fsniper is a tool that monitors a given set of directories for new or modified files then applies rule based scripts. It is a very useful tool for handling files automatically when they are created. I have used if for many applications. According to fsniper documentation fsniper

Old media and new media: aggregation and quality

This posting is part of my series of Journalism and media postings that try to cover the changing field of media business. Aggregation economy Business Insider vs. Digiday: One man’s aggregation is another man’s traffic hijacking article talks on practices some call it aggregation, while others call it copyright infringement or even theft. Plagiarism. Copyright

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Electronics Kits

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Electronics Kits is an interesting article mentions that many older engineers first became interested in electronics through hobbies in their youth—assembling kits, participating in amateur radio, or engaging in other experiments. The 1970s and 1980s were great times for electronics hobbyists. But whenever it seems that there’s nothing left

Old media and new media: Paywalls

This post is a continuation to my Old media and digital media – part 1 posting that discussed on the changes on the traditional publishing business field. This posting is part of my series of Journalism and media postings. Paywalls A paywall is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a

Weather issues

Finnish Meteorological Institute Tesbed is an interesting project that shows weather in Helsinki area in great details. Helsinki Testbed project goals broadly consist of mesoscale weather research, forecast and dispersion models development and verification, demonstration of integration of modern technologies with complete weather observation systems, end-user product development and demonstration and data distribution for public