Telephone history from Tekniikan Museo

Here is some telephone history from Tekniikan museo museum located at Helsinki Finland. Here is once possibly the most common phone model used in Finland (Ericsson Dialog from 1964). Ans one very old telephone   Here is the first automatic telephone center in Finland from 1922.       Those pictures were taken few months

World’s happiest country for 2019 revealed to be Finland Finland has a lot to celebrate. It is the happiest country in the world for the second year in a row, according to the latest World Happiness Report. It also has a capital city bursting with gastronomic creativity, the spectacular Northern Lights and Santa Claus’s year-round home in Lapland.

Friday Art: Finnish Photographer Proves Fairy Forests Are Real In Finland Many people think of Finland as the land of cold weather and darkness. Ossi Saarinen brings delightful feelings through his photos of spectacular Finnish nature. The photos especially concentrate on the details of untouched forests covering almost three-quarters of the whole country. Finnish animals also appear to be very mysterious, fascinating and charming.

Reaktor Space Lab takes off with nanosatellite At 6.28 a.m. Helsinki time today, Reaktor Space Lab launched Finland’s first commercially-built nanosatellite into space. The team had some the people who had launched Finland’s first two satellites: Aalto 1 and Aalto 2. There is also another Finnish satellite being launched hopefully in few days:

Quantum Garden display

I saw this morning an interesting quantum demostration display at Aalto University campus in Espoo Finland. There are springs you are allowed to touch to control this display. Here is closeup of description on the display More details on the project page It looks like the large number of LEDs in this display could