Gartner reports first ever global decline in smartphone sales | TechCrunch Smartphone boon era seems to be over. Smartphone market is maturing. Gartner’s latest figures record the first ever decline (a 5.6 per cent decline over Q4 2016 figure) since the analyst began tracking the market. (Though it’s not the first analyst to call a decline.) Global smartphone sales have not been firing on all

NFC tag success with TecTiles

After first failed NFC experiment I started to look for some more compatible NFC tags. After some quick search on shops (I wanted to get tags quickly and not wait for long time to receive them), I found Samsung TecTiles EAD-X11SWE as the most suitable choice. They are white 25mm x 25mm NFC Tag Stickers

NFC reader success: HSL matkakortti

Public transportation in Helsinki and cities near it (Espoo, Vantaa etc..) use a card for payments. This card is called HSL matkakortti and it is based on RFID technology. I heard that it would be possible to read those cards with NFC enabled Android phone. I was recommended to try the following useful applications: Matkakortinluku

Experimenting with NFC tag

My new smart phone has NFC capabilities so there is time to try them. What is NFC and how do I program NFC tags? Wikipedia defines NFC: Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them