Ubuntu on Windows 10

Could Microsoft’s love for Linux be extending into Windows 10 territory? Microsoft to show Bash on Linux running on Windows 10 article says that newly leaked session title from Microsoft’s upcoming Build 2016 developer conference has us Microsoft watchers speculating that you’ll soon be able to run Ubuntu on Windows 10. Microsoft and Canonical partner

Software Piracy Hurts Linux Adoption, Research Finds – TorrentFreak

New research suggests that software piracy has a detrimental effect on the adoption of Linux desktop operating systems. Piracy is one of the reasons why Windows has been able to maintain its dominant market position, making open source alternatives “forgotten victims” of copyright infringement. Posted from WordPress for Android

Windows to celebrated 30th anniversary

Microsoft Windows celebrated 30th anniversary few days ago as Windows 1.0 was launched on 20 November 1985. Upon its debut, this operating system aimed at the general public had a new graphic interface which was relatively easy to use. It was the first foundation stone in the immense Windows edifice to come. Initially known as