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Stick to the schematic | EDN

http://www.edn.com/electronics-blogs/tales-from-the-cube/4327012/Stick-to-the-schematic?_mc=sm_edn&hootPostID=f8a02d5d2d8a2361a5acbc3aa83412e8 Nice story on debugging RF circuit… “I could get any manner of triangle distortion or offset depending on where I touched. A finger presents an impedance of approximately 100 pF in series with approximately 100Ω to ground, and this condition loads and modifies oscillations”

Bruce Schneier: The US government is coming for YOUR code, techies • The Register

http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/02/14/the_government_is_coming_for_your_code/ ‘What we’re going to see is increased government involvement’ Schneier’s argument follows from accepting Marc Andreessen’s observation in 2011 that software is eating the world. “As everything turns into a computer, computer security becomes everything security,” said Schneier. Schneier likened the internet to a giant robot, one capable of affecting not just the virtual world

University attacked by its own vending machines, smart light bulbs & 5,000 IoT devices | Network World

http://www.networkworld.com/article/3168763/security/university-attacked-by-its-own-vending-machines-smart-light-bulbs-and-5-000-iot-devices.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter#tk.rss_security Here is another story about vulnerable IoT devices causing problems. It shows again that it is a really good idea to keep IoT devices separated from your critical network. Building a completely separate network for IoT devices keeps making more and more sense every day.