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Friday special video. Farewell to boring Power Point slide shows, now come iPad magicians! The City of Stockholm surprised with an iPad show. New iPad Act – Stockholm with Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales. New iPad magic. On behalf of Stockholm — The Capital of Scandinavia and Step2 Communication. Performed at MIPIM in Cannes by Charlie Caper and Erik Rosales. Magic with technology. I was busy with my eyes, didn’t recognized anything they were blabbering about :D Does not matter. Enjoy the show.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    The iPad — it’s not just for humans any more

    A new program at the Miami zoo involves using iPads to communicate with orangutans. With tougher “orangutan-proof” screens, the zoo may let the general public in on the high-tech gabfest as well.

    People who work at Miami’s Jungle Island zoo have figured out a hi-tech way to communicate with orangutans. Rather than using old-fashioned sign language, they’re using iPads.

    According to the Associated Press, trainers are working specifically with 8-year-old twin orangutans helping them draw, play games, and work on new vocabulary as part of a mental stimulus program.

    “Our young ones pick up on it. They understand it. It’s like, `Oh I get this,’” Linda Jacobs, who oversees the program, told the Associated Press. “Our two older ones, they just are not interested. I think they just figure, `I’ve gotten along just fine in this world without this communication-skill here and the iPad, and I don’t need a computer.’”

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Apple’s iPad Saves Greece From $140 Billion Debt

    The debt of Greece was reduced from $270 billion to $130 billion by a team using iPads

    The company who was tasked with managing the debt restructuring devised a process that used iPads because it enabled the decision makers to have access to the necessary tools and secure connections when on the road.

    Bondholder Communications Group Bob Apfel told Fortune: “It was the largest financial transaction in the history of the world. And we couldn’t have done it without the iPad.”

    Describing the network that his company set up, Apfel said: “I wanted to do something different. So I bought 100 iPads.”

    “There was a palpable need to create a financial decision-makers’ platform that could follow the financier – not vice versa,” added Apfel.

    The iPads enabled “split-second decisions were made that couldn’t have been made without the data platform,” Apfel told Fortune.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    5 signs that Apple is a cult

    According to a New York Times exposé, the company’s retail stores are staffed with true believers, many of whom tolerate paltry paychecks to answer a higher calling

    The average salesperson at an Apple store racks up nearly $500,000 in revenue per year for the gadget purveyor, says David Segal at The New York Times. But that same salesperson’s yearly salary comes to just $25,000 or so — better than Gap, but far below the six figures that commission-earning employees at Verizon can rake in.

    1. Applicants are readymade acolytes
    2. New employees are indoctrinated
    3. Employees aren’t allowed to speak to the media
    4. Apple is immersed in weird lingo
    5. Rapture gives way to disillusionment

  4. Ursula says:

    The video is pretty nice and tough they are not really good illusionists their syncing was good and it was very entertaining once you’re really listening to what they’re saying….
    I guess was Stockholm something…. hahaha

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