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Banking is Broken? Start-ups try to fix it.

I have written earlier about problems in banking security and credit card security issues. But what about some other banking issues? Banking is Broken: A Financial Revolution is Coming article tells that a trio of startups are seeking to change the way we manage our money, by focusing on the customers traditional banks are ignoring.

Linux networking articles

Linux Journal has published several interesting articles on Linux networking. Here are some of the most interesting of them. Queueing in the Linux Network Stack tells that packet queues are a core component of any network stack or device. They allow for asynchronous modules to communicate, increase performance and have the side effect of impacting

Old media and digital media – part 1

Finnish Internet Users are Most Avid Consumers of Online News article says that news and information sites capture a large proportion of the European on-line audience with 8 in 10 Internet users accessing one of these sites in September 2013. 338 million people visited a news or information website via a desktop or laptop during

Friday fun: Engineering the Silver Screen

It’s often said that pop culture fails to provide inspiration to aspiring engineers. Design News magazine article Slideshow: Engineering the Silver Screen attempted to capture a few exceptions to that rule. In truth, Hollywood occasionally writes engineers into movies or television plots. In some rare instances engineers serve as central characters, or even as stars.

Slush 2013

I got pretty many Facebook updates related Slush 2013 start-up event that started in Helsinki Finland today. It means that pretty many people I know have something to do with the event. The world’s largest startup event will host over 5,000 participants, and the capital of up to 60 billion euros. The event brings 1200

AudioVisual Helsinki 2013

AudioVisual Helsinki 2013 fair starts tomorrow. International Audio Visual exhibition will bring together the Helsinki Fair Centre from 13 to 15.11.2013 professionals, planners, decision-makers, audio-visual equipment, systems and services to the purchasing companies and educational institutions representatives, event producers and organizers, as well as the major product and service providers, and organizations.

40 ways to fix your PC

40 ways to fix your PC before you call an expert gives useful tips troubleshooting PCs. Those tips could be useful to those who are regularly called upon as the ‘IT expert’ by friends and family whenever a computer goes bust.