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Visual programming for Arduino

Visual programming is way to write software by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually. Visual programming isn’t a new concept, it goes at least back to 1975. There are various reasons why Visual programming is sometimes easier way to write code than traditional writing text source code, but it does not

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini teardown

My old “smartphone” got to the end of the life beyond worth to fix. So I changed to a proper Android smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is Galaxy S4′s little brother is not only smaller but also much lighter than Samsung’s flagship phone. My initial feeling after few days of use is very positive.

What the NSA revelations mean for you?

I have linked to many news related to NSA spying information by Edward Snowden at Security trends for 2013 comments. He succeeded beyond anything the journalists or Snowden himself ever imagined (exploded round the world). But what do all this information really mean for you? The Guardian has a very good overview of the current

The Hidden Dangers of Chop-Shop Electronics

Counterfeit electronics components have caused problems for many companies. There are New Trends in Counterfeit Components. IEEE Spectrum magazine article The Hidden Dangers of Chop-Shop Electronics article tells now clever counterfeiters sell old components as new, threatening both military and commercial systems Usually, it’s good to recycle electronics products. The Hidden Dangers of Chop-Shop Electronics

About security warning seen on blog

I checked the state of this blog on the weekend. Instead of getting the usually blog content Firefox browser showed warning screen with red colors that this blog could be potentially dangerous! Safe Browsing said: ” Site is listed as suspicious , and visiting this web site may harm your computer. Part of this site

Laptop key fixing

One key was damaged on my ACER 5552G laptop keyboard. The S key was literally falling apart every now and them (was damaged by too kid trying to pull the key out). Sending the laptop to repair center felt something that could cost quite a bit of money (usually this kind of problems are repairs

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Teardown

Teardown: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 still the category leader article tells that in 2011 Samsung defined a new category with its 5.3″ diagonal Galaxy Note phone. The original Note was so large it was considered by many as a phone that aspired to be a tablet, hence the term “phablet” was coined. With the third