Linux Performance Analysis and Tools

I just watched though Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: Brendan Gregg’s Talk at SCaLE 11x. It is an interesting talk is about Linux Performance Analysis and Tools: specifically, observability tools and the methodologies to use them. It goes through over 20 Linux performance analysis tools, including advanced perf and DTrace for Linux, showing the reasons for using them. There is a video and slide set.

In addition to video check also slide set of Linux Performance Analysis and Tools presentation from brendangregg.

In many applications (let it be desktop application, server or embedded Linux device) there are many areas of the system that needs to be checked. And there are very few people who know how to properly check them all (many good coders can cover many of them but usually not all). It isĀ  worthwhile to at least know about them all, in case of serious performance issues where you don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

This is a good overview picture of the tools. Do you know them all?





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