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Friday Fun: ICE BIKE

It is getting cold. So cold that I have already seen snow and ice in Finland. Related to this – What if a bike had ice for wheels? The worlds first bike with wheels made of ICE video shows when inventor Colin Furze decided to find out how well ice wheels work on bike. There is also Behind

IT eBook sites

IT eBooks is a very interesting site that promises free download IT eBooks. It is like a very large library of IT books on-line. They have very many books and they seem to have complete books on-line and links to sites to buy printed copy. The site is built using  IT eBooks Open API. Other

gl.iNet – router and dev board

Gl.iNet 6416A  is a very small cheap (around 20 Euros / $25) smart WLAN router platform (clone of TP-Link WR-703 router). It has two Ethernet interfaces, WLAN interface and USB port. The small device is powered with USB power supply. It runs open source OpenWRT Linux operating system. It can be used as a router