Why Finnish babies sleep in cardboard boxes – BBC News


And it is a good thing…

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Three young father in the world to equip families with Finnish maternity kits

    Anton Danielsen, Anssi Okkonen and Heikki Tiittanen are all fathers with young children. They have, therefore, first hand experience of the future home on maternity package.

    - We were really going to be excited packaging, and we are super nice and Finland, families receive one, says Okkonen.

    Last year, the BBC did a story Finnish maternity packages, and spread online fast. Interest was hard, and the trio began to reflect that the package could be in demand abroad.

    - We thought that abroad is probably the families who would like a little piece of the Finnish welfare society. In addition, the basis of my experience, Finnish children’s clothing are the best in the world, says Okkonen.

    So they decided to try, would like foreigners to buy Finnish models of maternity packages. They founded the first pre-order website, which seemed to be on the basis of demand. Next, they contacted the companies that supply products to the Official maternity package and made orders. Finnish Baby Box -Company was born.

    The first test batch was completed in early December, and it sold out quickly. Also, next, slightly larger test batch was traded within a few weeks. Packaging is the price of 399 euros.

    Overseas sale of baby box contents from here is largely same as box sent to Finnish parents by Kela, but a small tuning has been done.

    Although the company has been operating for a few months, it has had time to provide new parents with a survival kit in different parts of the world.

    Source: http://www.iltalehti.fi/perhe/2015022719270663_pr.shtml?ref=tpb

    Company web site: http://finnishbabybox.co/


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