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I wrote yesterday on ESP8266 programming tools and let’s continue on the ESP8266 theme. Two days ago Hackaday had an interesting posting Internet Knows Your Every Move Thanks to IKEA and ESP8266. It describes how to combine ESP8266 WiFi module and IKEA Molgan PIR light. The stock PIR light simply lights when motion is detected, and ESP8266 communicates that event to Internet.

The lamp time it stays on after detecting movement was changed to have enough time for the ESP8266 to power up get an IP, SNTP time and publish a MQTT message. The developer set up mqttwarn to push notification to phone and computer (pushbullet) whenever motion is detected by the PIR.

The basic flow control is simple:

  1. boot
  2. log on wifi
  3. get time from NTP server (
  4. format text with timestamp
  5. log on to MQTT broker
  6. publish formated text to MQTT broker
  7. go into deep sleep.

Schematics, source code and tons of great pictures are available on his blog in two postings and GitHub project:

ESP8266 – Ikea Molgan light Hack – Hardware.

ESP8266 – Ikea Molgan light Hack – Software and actual usage.

EESP8266-PIR – Hacking the Molgan PIR LED light


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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Another ESP8266 IoT light project:

    Smart Downlight Retrofitter
    This project provides a quick and easy way of turning a regular downlight into a smart light.

    The idea of this project is to allow for wireless control over an existing 12v downlight. Multiple units will be able to be installed to control individual lights. The regular light switch control should also not be interfered with.


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