Are electronic locks safe?

Lock picking is the craft of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. It has been done to many mechanical locks if you know what to do, but what about electronic locks? Are they safe from lock picking?

Teardown: An Electronic Master Lock article presents you 1500eXD is an electromechanical combination padlock that can accept up to 4 owner-programmable codes. Masterlock 1500eXD Teardown article shows  “Voiding Your Warranty In Style”! Now you knwo what is inside electronic lock.

Safe Cracking With Signal Analysis article tells that Dave Jones over at EEVblog got his hands on a small safe with an electronic lock and decided to try his hand at safe cracking with oscilloscope: he hooked up his Rigol scope and attempted a safe cracking via signal analysis. Even though he failed to hack into this particular safe, there’s still plenty to be learned from his methods.

I could not found the answer to my original question but I learned about electronics locks from those articles.







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