Boolean logic 200 years old

Celebrate the 200th Birthday of George Boole With Logic Slashdot posting tells that November 2nd 2015 is the bicentenary of George Boole, dubbed the forefather of modern information technology. To mark the event 55,000 school students globally will be learning about Boolean Logic.

According to the George Boole 200 website, set up by University College Cork (UCC), the Irish university where he was the first Professor of Mathematics in the mid-19th century, George Boole is:

 an unsung hero of the digital age

who deserves to be recognized as:

the forefather of the Information Age

The Boole2School project is one of the initiatives organized by celebrate the 200th anniversary of English mathematician, philosopher and logician George Boole. Free age-appropriate lesson plans, puzzles and worksheets have been made available in English, Irish and Manadarin for students aged 8 to 18 and schools in over 30 countries have signed up. Materials are free to download by completing a form at this registration link.


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