Friday Fun: Half Black Sabbath, half Barney the dinosaur

Something for this Friday. Finland’s Heavisaurus: Half Black Sabbath, half Barney the dinosaur article tells that Finland’s biggest musical sensation is a kid-friendly mashup of Black Sabbath and Barney the dinosaur. Hevisaurus — which has so far remained under the radar outside of Scandinavia — features five interchangeable musicians shredding heavy metal tunes about homework, monsters and drinking milk while dressed in rubber reptile suits.

Why this HeviSaurus band has now got some press coverage outside Finland? Because they are just releasing a kid’s movie – The “Hevisaurus” movie is only expected to be released in Finland.

Why ban targeted to kids plays heavy metal music? Because heavy metal is mainstream music in Finland. It is a rare heavy metal act the whole family can enjoy together. When parents are listening to Hevisaurus, they are like ‘Hey, I have listened to this one somewhere before…’

Example videos:

Hevisaurus – Juranoid

Hevisaurus – Viimeinen mammutti


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