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Compare to Amazon Lambda services…

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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Janakiram MSV / Forbes:
    Google launches alpha version of Google Cloud Functions to let devs run single-purpose functions without full server hosting, similar to AWS Lambda

    Google Brings Serverless Computing To Its Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Functions, the latest addition to the Google Cloud Platform, enables developers to upload JavaScript code snippets that are triggered in response to a few events. This new service, which is in Alpha, is available to select customers whose accounts are whitelisted by Google. Cloud Functions complements existing compute services such as App Engine, Compute Engine, and Container Engine.

    In the recent past, serverless computing has gained industry attention mainly due to its simplicity and “NoOps” model. Developers follow the fire-and-forget paradigm where they upload individual code snippets that are hooked to a variety of events at runtime. This model offers a low-touch, no-friction deployment mechanism without any administrative overhead. Serverless computing and microservices are ushering a new form of web-scale computing.


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