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HAX: the Chinese firm accelerating hardware, not software (Wired UK)

Wired is writing about The Chinese firm accelerating hardware, not software at In four years, HAX has invested in 100 companies after vetting what general partner Benjamin Joffe says are 1,000 startups a year. “It’s an investment company that functions as a hardware accelerator,” explains Joffe. “We help them manufacture at scale. Then

Why aren’t Stingrays rendered ineffective by standard MITM defenses? – Information Security Stack Exchange There’s been a lot of reporting in the past few years about law enforcement agencies using IMSI catchers (also known as Stingrays after a popular brand of them) to intercept cellular communications. Stingrays and other IMSI-catchers violate the cell tower agreements by producing an illegal signal, pretending to be a cell tower.They control the

History of the Amiga | Series | Ars Technica

Jeremy Reimer’s long-running History of the Amiga series is interesting reading for those who remember Commodore Amiga from their childhood. When it first arrived, the Amiga was a dream machine… Posted from WordPress for Android

Who Has Your Back? Government Data Requests 2015 | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Who Has Your Back? 2015: Protecting Your Data From Government Requests report We live digital lives—from the videos shared on social networks, to location-aware apps on mobile phones, to log-in data for connecting to our email, to our stored documents, to our search history. The personal, the profound, and even the absurd are all