1.5 billion more on-line by 2020

1.5 billion more on-line by 2020 article tells that a global push to create more than a billion new Internet users over the next four years is underway. More than 35 nations committed to expanding public Internet access and working with industry to build connections for rural users. World Bank President Jim Young Kim estimated the total cost of bringing the Internet to this huge new group of citizens to be $450 billion worldwide. Companies have also joined and are eager to capitalize on a fresh customer base while experimenting with new ways to provide low-cost Internet access.



Internet fosters economic growth -  every 10 percent increase in broadband Internet access, developing countries can expect GDP to rise by 1 to 2 percent.

3 Ways To Bridge The Digital Divide article will discuss what will it take to bring the next billion people online. Experts emphasized that there is no single technology or network structure that makes sense for every community. Also new content must also be designed to work on devices that are available and popular in that area, rather than the latest smartphones used in Europe or the United States.




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