Pokemon Go Cheat Fools GPS with Software Defined Radio


This article tells that fake GPS signal can be generated with reasonably priced software radio!


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Cheating at Pokémon Go with a HackRF and GPS Spoofing


    Since the game is GPS based, Stefan Kiese decided to see if he could cheat at the game by spoofing his GPS location using a HackRF software defined radio.

    To do this he used the off the shelf “GPS-SDR-Sim” software by Takuji Ebinuma which is a GPS Spoofing tool for transmit capable SDR’s like the HackRF, bladeRF and USRP radios. At first, when using the software Stefan noticed that the HackRF was simply jamming his GPS signals, and not simulating the satellites.

    Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – WORLDWIDE! (or how to spoof GPS to cheat at Pokémon GO)

    WARNING: In most countries transmitting on these frequencies is prohibited by law! As satellite’s GPS signals are very weak while receiving on earth, transmitted signals with the HackRF will be very strong in comparison – use attenuators and/or shielding boxes, as GPS receivers of navigation systems are very sensitive! Don’t abuse this knowledge, it’s just a proof of concept!
    Okay, now that you’ve all read and understood this, back to our technical topic!
    By setting up the HackRF in transfer mode, I initially “jammed” the whole GPS L1 band.


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