The State of European Tech 2016: the future is being invented in Europe – Slush 2016

Slush is big start-up event full of high tech companies going on in Finland. Read the newest trends.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Slush is a bit like a Lion’s Cave

    The event gathers technology Slush Helsinki 1700 Startup and 15 thousand guests with international, with hundreds to invest, with the latter the money will be expected of the first innovations.

    hopes to receive urgent need of funding in order to grow, or only realize the first place.

    These included In addition to a lot of unfinished ideas. For many business presentation or pitch was incomplete. For many came to mind, trying to solve a problem that does not exist at all. Unfortunately, such is not afraid to expect big commercial success.

    Good, that is ideas, but not all the ideas are good.
    On the other hand Slush is a faithful startup culture where failure is not a shame.
    Innovation means turning over kind of success, the idea has been tried but it does not fly.

    The fact that the Helsinki Slush is the world’s largest and most beautiful, is a very wonderful thing. Finland has the reputation of this kind always use.


  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Finnish energy self-sufficient positioning solution and smart lock adapter took victory Elisa Slush event organized by the IoT industry innovation race. The prize was 50 000 and EUR 30 000. Size Slushin race and EUR 500 000 received a French CybelAngel, which is developed for finding a solution to network security holes.

    ix finalists from among profit rose by Finnish industry IoT applications Emergence and homes IoT solutions Lukoton.

    Espoo kind of Emergence positioning solution works in battery and solar panel up to more than 10 years without any maintenance.


  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Report: European technology development help from the United States

    Report venture capital firm Atomico and technology event Slushin conducted by Europe in the future arise increasingly in-depth technological expertise. Help bring US technology companies, which expand the process of European design centers. One of the latest is Microsoft’s decision to set up in Finland IoT development center.

    Today published State of the European Tech report, during this year of the new technology enterprises mergers and acquisitions was 88 billion US dollars. One of the latest is Microsoft yesterday announced by the decision to set up the IoT technology development center in Finland. Also, many Asians technology operators have set up R & D units in Finland.


  4. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Tweet analysis of #SLUSH2016

    Desktop is the new print.
    Mobile is the new black.
    Data is the new oil.
    And this is just a beginning…change is the only constant.


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