Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey

Information security issues are in this Internet of Things era very important for embedded systems developers. You need information from many sources, and one valuable information source are surveys made by differet companies. For the third year in a row, Barr Group has conducted its annual Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey of embedded systems designers in an effort to gain valuable insight on the current trends in design practices for both safety-critical and non-safety critical applications. The survey had over 2000 participants (17oo accepted replies)  from all over the world. To get overview of the results, go through the slides of 2017 Barr Group Embedded Systems Safety & Security Survey Results webinar and view the seminar itself.

Survey findings reveal troubling information regarding design practices for safety-critical applications, especially those that are connected to the Internet. These findings indicate reasons for the engineering community to be concerned and for design practices to be improved.

For an in-depth analysis of this year’s survey results, download the free 2017 Barr Group Embedded Systems Safety & Security Report (you need to go though the process to order your free digital copy of the report).

Infographics of key findings related to the IoT from the 2017 survey are also made available  on those two images (click to enlarge):




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