Arrow IoT Summit to 18.5.2017

Arrow Electronics today organized a IoT Summit event focusing on the Internet in Helsinki. According to Andrew Bickley, who is responsible for marketing the company’s IoT solutions in Europe, IoT is moving from management speeches to implementation. And usually, customers need ready-made solutions.

- companies that develop IoT-based services that do not understand the technology and do not want to understand it.

Andy Smith, responsible for Arrow’s IoT alliances in Europe, said that there is no single, correct solution for the different applications. The sensor must be intelligent to filter only the relevant data for the gateway.

- The trend is that the calculation moves closer to the edge of the network and IoT nodes. Talk about a hybrid cloud, summation calculation, or edge computing at the edge of the network. They all mean the same thing, Smith said.

More than 600 visitors to this year were registered in the Arrow IoT Summit.



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