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There are lots of claim to be workable solutions out there to reflowing boards at home – mostly involving kitchen appliances like toaster ovens and various sorts of hot plates and skillets.

An interesting approach by David Sanz Kirbis uses a halogen shop or flood light as heat source and enclosure.


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  1. Teodor V. says:

    An approach I will take once I get to the level of designing a home reflow oven is to take an off-the-shelf counter-top convection oven and mod it for reflow use. That’s one thing I’ve seen lacking with many of the DIY reflow solutions, getting even heating. The fan in an convection oven takes care of that, and the only thing you have to watch out for is that the max temp of the oven (it needs to be able to melt the solder you are using) and keeping in mind you never exceed the max time marked on the oven. And then ventilation in the room you are operating it on of course.
    So, appropriate microcontroller platform, appropriate SSR or triac, appropriate convection oven. The latter are on the market in the 80-150€ ballpark for the desktop models.


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