Soldering iron videos

I have earlier posted about soldering irons. Here is a continuation to it with a set of interesting soldering iron tear-down and DIY videos from YouTube.

Inside the cheapest soldering iron on ebay.

How To Make a MINI USB Power Soldering Iron

Hot! Hot! Hot! Weller ROBUST Soldering Gun, BEB #21

Homemade Soldering Gun

How To make Powerful Soldering Gun




  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Is It A MagLite Or A MagnaStat?

    David Schneider]’s love affair with Weller temperature controlled soldering irons began many years ago, but when he came to the point of needing a cordless iron he had problems finding one that replicated his trusty mains-powered soldering station. His solution was simple, to build his own, and in a stroke of genius he did so with an odd combination of a Weller MagnaStat element and bit, and a repurposed MagLite flashlight.

    Want a Temperature-Controlled Cordless Soldering Iron? Here’s How to Make One

    You can’t buy one, but you can build a DIY one for tinkering in the field

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    EEVblog #1064 – Soldering Irons OLD vs NEW

    What are the differences between the “old” style soldering iron tips like used on the low cost Hakko and Weller low cost irons, and the more expensive integrated tip type?
    An apples to oranges comparison of the Hakko FX-888D and the JBC CD-2B stations.

  3. Tomi Engdahl says:

    EEVblog #1065 – Soldering Iron Power Delivery Explained

    the differences between applied power, tip design, sensor design, control loop design, and power delivery to a ground plane.


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