Soldering iron videos

I have earlier posted about soldering irons. Here is a continuation to it with a set of interesting soldering iron tear-down and DIY videos from YouTube.

Inside the cheapest soldering iron on ebay.

How To Make a MINI USB Power Soldering Iron

Hot! Hot! Hot! Weller ROBUST Soldering Gun, BEB #21

Homemade Soldering Gun

How To make Powerful Soldering Gun



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  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Is It A MagLite Or A MagnaStat?

    David Schneider]’s love affair with Weller temperature controlled soldering irons began many years ago, but when he came to the point of needing a cordless iron he had problems finding one that replicated his trusty mains-powered soldering station. His solution was simple, to build his own, and in a stroke of genius he did so with an odd combination of a Weller MagnaStat element and bit, and a repurposed MagLite flashlight.

    Want a Temperature-Controlled Cordless Soldering Iron? Here’s How to Make One

    You can’t buy one, but you can build a DIY one for tinkering in the field


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