NanoVNA handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)

NanoVNA is a small handheld Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). It is equippedwith lcd display, portable device with battery(battery not included). This project aim to provide an RF gadget but useful instrument for enthusiast. The device hardware offers 50k-300MHz frequency range that can be expended up to 900 MHz (with somewhat less dynamics on higher frequencies). It has built-in touch display. You can use the USB interface to connect to computer communications or connect standard 5V charger charging. This looks like a very interesting piece of open hardware that I need to test some day because it cost only around $50-80 depending where you buy it:
The NanoVNA, a beginners guide to the Vector Network Analyzer

350 NanoVNA Vector Network analyzer 900MHz VNA for $50

Using the NanoVNA to Measure Antenna SWR and Resonance

NanoVNA and its operation by lever switch

nanoVNA Calibration

358 NANOVNA Rubber Duck Antenna measurements

357 NANOVNA LP Low Pass Filter

360 NANOVNA accuracy

359 NANOVNA USB control from PC using NANOVNAsharp

358 NANOVNA Rubber Duck Antenna measurements

Markers get working on NanoVNA; tiny handheld vector network analyzer

361 NANOVNA measuring inductance in a 50ohm load

362 NANOVNA making a Female SMA Calibration set




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