Electrical power

Electrical safety

Yesterday I passed SFS6002 electrical safety course and got SFS 6002 käytännössä book. SFS 6002 electrical safety training is for all electrical work in Finland engaged in compulsory education, which must be renewed every five years. Now I know somewhat more than before on electrical safety related to electrical installations. SFS6002 is a Finnish standard

Electronics lab electrical power

Here are some tips how to arrange electrical power distribution on a small electrical lab (for example home lab). Grounded power outlet: The power that comes to your electrical lab should be grounded for your safety. Most everyone has 3-prong electrical outlets in their homes, with the third prong being called the “ground.” Extension cords

Dimming LED sources

I just happened to find an interesting presentation on light dimming technologies and who they work with LED lighting. Dimming LED sources: what’s working and what still needs fixing is a worth to take a look if you are into LED lighting or light controlling applications. It is a very good overview of the current

DC circuit breakers

Knowing the electrical characteristics of direct current and its differences in comparison with alternating current is fundamental to understand how to employ direct current. Direct current presents different problems than alternating current with a regard to the phenomena associated to the interruption of high value currents since the arc extinction results to be particularly difficult.

Lightning protection

Every summer we get thunderstorms, with the accompanying lightning in Finland. It is expected that thunderstorms starts in few days. Varo! Torstaina salamoi article says that it is expected that next Thursday there will be (according to weather forecast) 5000-10000 lightning discharge events in Finland. Lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge between electrically charged regions

Will DC Power Distribution Make a Comeback?

The rise of direct current using devices and direct current generation have some rethinking the use of alternating current in the grid. Let’s start from history of electric power transmission: In the late 19th century both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) were both used to power devices like motors and light bulbs. Over

Terrorism and the Electric Power Delivery System

Electrical grid is said to be vulnerable to terrorist attack. I can agree that electrical power distribution network would be quite vulnerable if someone tries to sabotage it and knows what to do. I know this because I design software and hardware for control systems for electrical companies. Some days ago I saw in Finnish