Electrical power

AC current levels

AC current levels 0.25mA  Maximum Leakage Current for Class II equipment in IEC 950 (Information Technology Equipment, I.T.E.) (no protective earth ground in the equipment, double insulation or reinforced insulation) 0.5mA Earth Leakage Current limit in IEC 601-1 (Medical Equipment) (this is general value, here are also other leakage current requirements in IEC 601-1) 0.5mA

Common DC voltage levels

DC voltage levels: 0.7V Nominal voltage drop on normal silicon diode or similar semiconductor junction 0.8V Voltages from 0V to 0.8V are considered to be logic 0 on TTL logic IC inputs 1.25V NiCd, NiMH battery cell nominal voltage 1.5V Carbon and alkaeline battery cell nominal voltage 1.6V The voltage you normally get from a

Commonly used AC voltage levels

AC voltage levels: 0.316V The most common nominal level for consumer audio equipment is -10 dBV, 0.316 volts root mean square (VRMS). 0.7746V The reference voltage for the decibel unloaded (0 dBu) is the voltage required to produce 1 mW of power across a 600 ohms load (approximately 0.7746 VRMS) 1V  The reference voltage for

Power Quality and Utilisation Guide

Power Quality and Utilisation Guide is a free on-line reference source for power quality information. It provides both background theory and solutions from electrical power industry. The guide is prepared by specialist authors from industry and academia, and edited by Copper Development Association‘s David Chapman. The Guide is organized into 8 sections and presented in