Dell laptop ground loop problems

Many laptops are pretty well known for having terrible audio interfaces. There are usually noise and grounding issues. A recent post Yet Another Dell Laptop Audio Grounding Problem blog posting documents a well known and horrendous audio problem found on many Dell laptops. I have faced problems with Dell laptop ground loops. And I have

CCTV Ground Loop Problems

Humming bars in CCTV system monitor image can be caused by many different factors and tracing the issue can be a pain. Video Ground Loop Interference for CCTV article at 2M CCTV Security & Surveillance Blog gives some tips how to solve ground loop problems on CCTV systems. One cause is running your cable over

Noise Reduction Techniques

Noise Reduction Techniques in Electronic Systems book except has some interesting reading on ground loops and inductive noise reduction. This is old but still very valid material from Henry Ott, the EMC, noise, and signal integrity guru. Read also Ground- A Path For Current Flow article which says: Consider ground as a low impedance path

Proper Grounding of Instrument and Control Systems

Proper grounding is an essential component for safely and reliably operating electrical systems. Improper grounding methodology has the potential to bring disastrous results from both an operational as well as a safety standpoint. There are many different categories and types of grounding principles. Proper Grounding of Instrument and Control Systems in Hazardous Locations paper’s primary

Listening ground loops

There is a way to “hear” the potential in different parts of your system. The method for checking audible noise is to take an amplifier and some magnetic field picking sensor. You can use a coil connected to a microphone amplifier. Or you can take an old cassette player, remove the magnetic pickup that reads

Ground loops are sometimes OK

Good grounds do not mean you will not get ground loop noise. The two are completely different balls of wax. No matter how much you sand the surface, no how good your connectors are, no matter how tight it is bolted down, you are still going to have ground loops. Having a ground loop does