The scientific reason you don’t like LED bulbs

http://theconversation.com/the-scientific-reason-you-dont-like-led-bulbs-and-the-simple-way-to-fix-them-81639 Scientists used to think we could see no more than about 90 flashes of light a second but now we know it’s more like 2,000. During the eye movement, the flicker of light creates a pattern that we can see. It could discourage people from using more energy-saving LED lightbulbs. One obvious way of avoiding

LED current regulator has low dropout | EDN

http://www.edn.com/design/led/4442091/LED-current-regulator-has-low-dropout?utm_content=buffer1967d&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer This article has an intetesting LED current regulator circuit idea built using transistors. The voltage drop on the current sensing resistor r is less than 40mV.  The nominal LED current here is 7.2 mA at 9V. Increasing to 20V causes a current change of +15%, giving a dynamic resistance of about 10kΩ.

DMX-512 decoder for RGB LED

I have earlier written on using DMX-512 controlled dimmer to control mains powered lamps. It works, but is expensive and traditional incandescent lamps are going out of fashion. LEDs are the future, so a cheap easy to use board for controlling low voltage LEDs with DMX-512 signal are needed. To experiment with LED conrolling I

Big LED video display technology

 The largest LED video display in all of sports article tells thatMercedes-Benz Stadium, the future home of the Atlanta Falcons and MLS expansion team Atlanta United FC, will feature the largest LED video display in sports. The 360-degree halo display will be part of the retractable roof.Engineered by Daktronics, the halo video board is 58

Single Photon Light Emitting Diodes

LED features single photon emission article tells that Graphene Flagship is hitting its research out of the proverbial park by demonstrating an all-electrical quantum LED with single-photon emission. The LEDs are atomically thin and have potential as on-chip photon sources that can be used in quantum information apps. Graphene Flagship researchers used layers that included transition

WS2812 addressable LEDs test

RGB LEDs are awesome – especially the new, fancy ones with the WS2812 RGB LED driver. These LEDs can be individually controlled to display red, green, and blue, but interfacing them with a microcontroller or computer. To test controlling WS2812 RGB LEDs I bought a cheap addressable LED strip. An addressable RGB LED strip is