Incandescent lamps ban in EU

Ban on incandescent lamps is progressing. Say goodbye to incandescent lamps – soon they are no longer visible in stores. Incandescent light bulb ban has progressed gradually. As early as September last year, the 60-watt incandescent bulbs were banned. The manufacturing of 40W and the weaker light bulbs in the manufacture and importation of the

CY3269N LED Lighting Demo Kit

I got CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR – CY3269N – KIT, STARTER, LIGHTING DEMO from Farnell for testing. CY3269N Lighting Starter Demonstration Kit is designed to showcase two Cypress technologies: EZ-Color High Brightness LED Controller (tunable white light control, color mixing) and CapSense (capacitive touch sensing). Data sheet says that this kit illustrates how an intuitive GUI lets

Small LED flashlight

Some time ago I bought Powerlight HX-G011 1W 1xAA LED Flashlight Grey. This is a very useful and cheap LED flashlight. It only uses 1 AA battery, which is really is great. Light is quite bright for the price (feels like between my other old 1W LED flashlight and new 1W LED flashlight) with nice

Haitz's Law

As manufacturers strive for market share in the burgeoning LED lighting market each tries to outdo the other with ever-improving efficacy claims. But just how far can the LED chip makers go and how soon will they get there? Equally important: LED cost is plummeting. Thanks to a phenomenon known as Haitz’s Law, LED cost

Fundamentals: LED color chart

Fundamentals: LED color chart article gives a brief review on color temperature and how it affects white LED light. Despite the fact that LEDs produce light by a process other than heating, we still use correlated color temperature (CCT) when describing the appearance of the LED as it relates to the appearance of a black

Replacing fluorescent lamp with LED

The idea if replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs seems to become popular. There are different kind of products made for that purpose, some are good and some not so good. So I felt it was now good time to test this technology. LED technology promises to reduce power consumption about 50% of fluorescent bulbs

Bumps in the road ahead for solid-state lighting

LED retrofit lamps have started to show up on retail shelves. Many players in the LED industry are giddy about the anticipated growth over the next few years. Nevertheless, the road to success for LED lighting will not be completely smooth, as there are a number of pitfalls to navigate. Bumps in the road ahead

Replacing flashlight bulbs with LEDs

One day I had an old flashlight that had burned light bulb on it. It was a small cheap model powered with two AA batteries. I could fix it with new light bulb, but going through the trouble of trying to find exactly suitable replacement light bulb felt like more than the value of the