LEDs Deliver More from Less in Car

LEDs Deliver More from Less article tells that LEDs continue to penetrate automotive lighting applications due to their long life and design flexibility. LEDs continue to penetrate automotive lighting applications due to their long life and flexibility of use for body styling and interior design. LED lighting, used for the headlights, daytime running lights and

Communicating LED lamps

LEDs are used for a long time for all kinds of data communications applications ranging from wireless IR remote controls and IrDA to wired fiber optics communication. There has been many years ago also ideas on optical wireless LANs based on infrared, but they faded quickly. But now when LED lights are becoming very popular

Lamp vs LED power

When visiting Motonet show one day I saw LED light bubs display with following match for LED bulb power to classic light bulb watts (similar idea as in energy saving lamps matches certain watts normal bulb). The power ratings I saw was: 1.3W LED would match 13W normal bulb. And 2W LED would match 20W

Accurately simulate an LED

Solid-state-lighting applications are quickly moving into the mainstream. Testing the driver circuit using LEDs, although easy, yields only typical results. Accurately simulate an LED article shows a circuit that you can use to test your LED drive circuit with worst-case LED parameters. You can easily tune this one transistor test circuit for any LED voltage.

LED lighting teardowns

LED-based lighting is still far from a mainstream technology, and its designs are in flux. Early SSL products are making their way onto store shelves and into inventory. LED lighting teardowns: Five lighting designs that illuminate the future of lighting article shows product examples that can indicate what direction SSL design will take, at least

LED lamp lifetime

LED light manufacturers are often claiming 50,000 hours or more for lighting lifetime. Unfortunately many times those lifetime expectations are not met. Usually the makers of those high those lifetime promises forget to include the lifetime and reliability of all components, and the real-world thermal conditions the LEDs are subjected too. Just a few years

151,200 LEDs

Design News reports and interesting LED lighting application. In Brussels, the Dexia Tower office building uses 151,200 LEDs to illuminate the entire building. Each window is illuminated by a row of 12 RGB LEDs along the bottom of the windowpane. A computer controls the whole display. Watch the Youtube video of the building LEDs in

Circuit inside LED tube

Chipshow’s LED tube page gives some views what LED tubes look like. As you can see there are many LEDs inside a LED tube. The most economical way to run sich LEDs from mains power is to connect many LEDs in series and then use some current limiting circuit to set the drive current right

LED tubes

The idea if replacing fluorescent light bulbs with LEDs seems to become popular. There are different kind of products made for that purpose. LED bulbs utilizes large arrays of high power LEDs to provide up to provide light. They are at best an economical way to replace commonly used fluorescent tubes. Since introducing LED based

How LED bulb are made

So, if you have wondered why LED light bulbs are so expensive today, How LED Light Bulbs Are Made article gives explanation of how they are manufactured and how that compares to the manufacture of traditional light bulbs should help. However, it also reveals why the cost will fall pretty dramatically over the next few