Wireless Internet inside plane

I just used reasonably priced wireless Internet in plane. I flew yesterday with Norwegian Boeing 737 plane. When the plane took off there was a surprising announcement on the plane: This plane has a free wireless Internet system on board. As soon as the plane is in flying altitude and the fasten your seatbelt light

JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation

17 JavaScript tools for the HTML5 generation article has an interesting list of useful tools. Look beyond jQuery and you’ll find a wealth of JavaScript libraries tuned for mobile devices, Canvas-based animation, HTML5 video, local databases, and more. I have also seen some other interesting looking tools that seem to be something that could be

Arduino Motion-Sensing SMS Alarm Project

Surprisingly Simple Arduino Motion-Sensing Project Makes For Some Weekend Fun article tells that Matt Williamson built a tiny, Arduino-based motion sensor that will SMS you when something moves by your desk or into a room. It’s completely open source and the notifications system runs on your PC thanks to a simple Python script. Why is

How Google & Apple Dominate Mobile

The mobile platform wars are in full swing. Android and Apple dominate the landscape. Network Effects: How Google & Apple Dominate Mobile article tells that a report from VisionMobile says that there will be no clear winner in the battle for supremacy over the mobile market. Android controls the numbers, Apple controls the profits and

Windows 8 on ARM

Windows 8 Release Expected in 2012 article says that Windows 8 will be with us in 2012. Windows 8 Features And Release Date article expect Windows 8 to be launched sometime in mid-late 2012. For details how Windows 8 looks take a look at Building “Windows 8″ – Video #1. For latest details check also

Audio tags

Audio tags are looking to become the new easier alternative to QR code: You don’t need to take a picture of anything in order for them to work. Why Lady Gaga Could Deploy a Sound Only Your Smartphone Can Hear article tells that a startup called SonicNotify embeds inaudibly high-pitched audio signals within music or

Computer technologies for 2012

ARM processor becomes more and more popular during year 2012. Power and Integration—ARM Making More Inroads into More Designs. It’s about power—low power; almost no power. A huge and burgeoning market is opening for devices that are handheld and mobile, have rich graphics, deliver 32-bit multicore compute power, include Wi-Fi, web and often 4G connectivity,