Open hardware

Makers and open hardware for innovation

Just like the garage computer explosion of the 70’s through the 80’s, which brought us such things as Apple, pong, Bill Gate’s hair, and the proliferation of personal computers, the maker movement is the new garage hardware explosion. Today, 135 million adults in the United States alone are involved in the maker movement. Enthusiasts who

Maker movement and open hardware

The world is ours to make: The impact of the maker movement presented in several videos. Maker movement and open hardare are keys to many today’s hardware innovations.   What Is Open Source Hardware? Open Source Hardware Explained – EEVblog #195 Meet the Makers: Limor Fried of Adafruit Industries   WHY DO OPEN HARDWARE? –

Happy hacking Day and ESP8266

Happy Hacking Day is non-commercial free tech-event for people, communities and companies. it provides visibility for the topics and projects which prefers free software and open source options. Let’s change the world a bit. Happy Hacking! The next event is held this week 8.-9.05.2015 in Helsinki, Finland. This time they have something that could be of