Raspberry Pi

New Multi-Core Raspberry Pi 2

Raspberry Pi is an almost mythical cheap single board computer that has very many fans. When last year Raspberry Pi Foundation launch of the Raspberry Pi Model B+ as the final evolution of the original RPi board while still costing $35 USD, it was considered to be an improvement over original Raspberry Pi B model,

Raspberry Pi A+ Details Leaked and Released

Raspberry Pi A+ details have leaked: Despite trying to keep it secret, a major Raspberry Pi retailer has published some details of the upcoming model A+ Raspberry Pi thanks to a product page that went live early. The board layout looks different and is much smaller (56x65mm) than the model A or B+. New Raspberry

IFTTT and your own hardware

When you have a great service like IFTTT that you can interface with many ready available cloud services or commercial hardware, the next idea is how to connect your own device (Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, etc..) to this service. Here are some pointers to ideas how to interface your own hardware to IFTTT: Pushbullet’s IFTTT Channel