Raspberry Pi

IFTTT and your own hardware

When you have a great service like IFTTT that you can interface with many ready available cloud services or commercial hardware, the next idea is how to connect your own device (Arduino, Raspeberry Pi, etc..) to this service. Here are some pointers to ideas how to interface your own hardware to IFTTT: Pushbullet’s IFTTT Channel

DIY Smartphone?

How about making your own smarphone? Making a cell phone or smart phone is not out of reach for clever hardware hacker. If you are planning to make a simple cell phone, ArduinoPhone project shows how you can build one. Or you can check the platforms used to build the cheapest cell phones. Are you looking

Raspberry Pi Compute Module

New embedded boards seem to be coming all the time. The newest in the news is from developers of Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi foundation has a solution for the odd layout of the normal, consumer Pi:  The Raspberry Pi compute module, a Raspi and 4GB flash drive, sans connectors, on an industry standard DDR2

Redundancy with Raspberry Pi

Linux Journal has an interesting article series on building redundant systems out of Raspberry Pis. Even though an individual Raspberry Pi is not that redundant, two Pis configured as redundant systems are. Two Pi R articled describes how to set up two Raspberry Pis as a fault-tolerant file server using the GlusterFS clustered filesystem. It

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Electronics Kits

The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Electronics Kits is an interesting article mentions that many older engineers first became interested in electronics through hobbies in their youth—assembling kits, participating in amateur radio, or engaging in other experiments. The 1970s and 1980s were great times for electronics hobbyists. But whenever it seems that there’s nothing left

The Raspberry Pi Becomes a Form Factor?

Despite the cries for updated hardware, the Raspberry Pi foundation has been playing it cool. The Raspberry Pi Becomes a Form Factor article tells that they’re committed to getting the most out of their engineering investment, and the current board design for the Raspi doesn’t support more than 512Mb of memory, anyway. It seems that

Mathematica on Raspberry Pi

The Wolfram Language and Mathematica on Raspberry Pi, for free article tells that The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a partnership with Wolfram Research to bundle a free copy of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language into future Raspbian images. Future Raspbian images will ship with the Wolfram Language and Mathematica by default; existing users can

Visual programming for Arduino

Visual programming is way to write software by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually. Visual programming isn’t a new concept, it goes at least back to 1975. There are various reasons why Visual programming is sometimes easier way to write code than traditional writing text source code, but it does not

Raspberry Pi-based Kickstarter projects

Raspberry Pi has seem to have boosted people to innovate. People have designed very many Cool uses for the Raspberry Pi. There seems to be starting quite a bit of business around Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi celebrates a million boards made in the UK article tells that just few months a go one-millionth board manufactured

Raspberry Pi media player works with Elisa Viihde

Earlier I have written how I configured my Raspberry Pi configured for media playback. Then on comments I write how XBMC-Elisa-Viihde-plugin started to fail and I could not solve the issues (normal update, plugin uninstall/install and even full reinstall did not work). Now I finally have success with my Raspberry Pi media player. Reinstalling the