Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi-based Kickstarter projects

Raspberry Pi has seem to have boosted people to innovate. People have designed very many Cool uses for the Raspberry Pi. There seems to be starting quite a bit of business around Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi celebrates a million boards made in the UK article tells that just few months a go one-millionth board manufactured

Raspberry Pi media player works with Elisa Viihde

Earlier I have written how I configured my Raspberry Pi configured for media playback. Then on comments I write how XBMC-Elisa-Viihde-plugin started to fail and I could not solve the issues (normal update, plugin uninstall/install and even full reinstall did not work). Now I finally have success with my Raspberry Pi media player. Reinstalling the

10 single-board computers for under $100

Since the coming of the Raspberry Pi Model B, single-board computers (SBCs) have become a prevalent force in the development world. The biggest-little revolution: 10 single-board computers for under $100 article tells that these pocket-sized devices have taken the online maker community in particular by storm, providing PC functionality to a plethora of open-source projects

BeagleBone Black

Beagle Board has a long history of making reasonably ARM development boards. Recently they come up with interesting BeagleBone series of boards. BeagleBone is an $89 MSRP, credit-card-sized Linux computer that connects to the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu. The board is based on AM335x 720MHz ARM® processor. BeagleBone Black

Raspberry Pi camera module goes on sale

News on the the Raspberry Pi camera module (5MP sensor at $25) has been around since earlier this year. Raspberry Pi camera module goes on sale article tells that THE CAMERA MODULE for the Raspberry Pi pocket computer is now available for order through RS Components and Premier Farnell/Element14. Documentation on how to set up

Celebrate Pi Day

Raspberry Pi is just hitting its one-year anniversary on the market according to Celebrate Pi Day With These 9 High-Tech Raspberry Pi Hacks article and already eclipsing a million units sold. According to another article one-year anniversary was it few days go already. Celebrate Pi Day With These 9 High-Tech Raspberry Pi Hacks tells that

Raspberry Pi’s milestones and operating system

Raspberry Pi has just reached two milestones: turned one year old and reached one million sold. During the first year Raspberry Pi Foundation were able to match the hype it generated. When you buy a Raspberry Pi, the $35 computer doesn’t come with an operating system. Loading your operating system of choice (there are several

Raspberry Pi Hits 1GHz

Rasberry Pi has given a ‘Turbo Mode’ by The Raspberry Pi Foundation, thus enabling overclocking. Raspberry Pi Clocks 1GHz with Official ‘Turbo Mode’ Patch article tells that the new ‘turbo mode’ will bump up the processor’s frequency to as high as 1GHz as long as the temperature stays below 85°C. The patch would dynamically up