Hq Power adjustable PSU

Here is teardown of one failed power supply. What is inside Two 6.8 uF 400V capacitors had failed and burned the mains fuse. Good design that it was well protected. But again the failure was bad electrolytic capacitors. This device was not worth to repair.

MS8209 teardown and repair

Mastech MS8209 is real multimeter that can measure almost anything. I have written some comments on Mastech MS8209 years ago. Some technical data on the back of the multimeter. The things I liked: – practically all the necessary multimeter measurements including frequency and capacitance measurements – good mechanical consruction, convient size and durable – the

How to Fix Everything

How to Fix Everything article is a profile of iFixit, the company helping us continue doing DIY repairs on modern electronics. “Normally if I purchase a hammer, if the head of the hammer falls off, I’m allowed to repair it” Manufacturers have attempted to use the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to claim that they own

Smart phone mic repair

I just had issue with my Samsung S4 mini: the sound other end of call was very weak. Solution: clean mic hole on case (single less than 1mm diameter hole on bottom). Posted from WordPress for Android

Uses for broken Android tablet

Modern smart phones and tables has big glass screens that broke easily. You might have some broken smart phones and/or tablets that might not be worth of screen repair. But would here be still some use for this kind of damaged device? And if there is, then how the tablet could be used when the