iPhone 6 teardowns

Techcrunch claims that Apple’s brand new iPhone 6 is the best smartphone. I have not had my hands on one to make my judgements on that. But I am interested to see what is inside this new gadget. iPhone6 is brabd new, but iFixit has already done iPhone 6 Teardown and iPhone 6 Plus Teardown

How safe 5V PSU is built

I have posted some teardowns of serveral electronics devices and have some notes on their electrical safety. Examples of ones with questionable safety were this is tiny USB charger and this USB charger. The later USB charger posting has also example of power supply that seems to have properly built safety in it. But how

Teardown of cheap USB charger

One day I bough a very cheap quite nice looking (if you like Apple style) very cheap (2 USD) USB charger from dx.com. I was curious to see if anything useful could be built this cheaply. The product USB Power Charger Adapter – White (EU Plug / 100~240V) carried SKU 176662 code, but there does

Battery teardowns

3x Battery Teardown article shows you what is inside different batteries. So if you open up a 9 V battery, you find 6 thin 1.5 V cells inside. But what was inside that lantern battery, the rechargeable PP3, or the funny shaped lump on the back of my laptop? Check 3x Battery Teardown article to see. If you

Nexus 5 Teardown

KitKats, snapdragons? Is Google’s latest smartphone a sweet treat? Let’s check out Nexus 5 Teardown and Teardown: Google’s Nexus 5 Deconstructed articles to find out how this smart phone is built.

Netwjork Ethernet switch teardown

How low can Ethernet switches prices go? In small unmanaged 8 port 10/100M 5 or 8 port switches typical price is around 15-25 Euros (around 2-3 Euros per port). But there are even cheaper Ethernet switches. Netwjork Tenda S108 SOHO kytkin/switch jossa 8 porttia is a very cheap 8 port 10/100M switch that costs only

Xbox One vs PS4 teardown

Microsoft released the Xbox One today. Also a recent research says that Game Play Has No Negative Impact on Kids, UK Study Finds: A massive study of some 11,000 youngsters in Britain has found that playing video games, even as early as five years old, does not lead to later behavior problems. So there is

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini teardown

My old “smartphone” got to the end of the life beyond worth to fix. So I changed to a proper Android smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is Galaxy S4′s little brother is not only smaller but also much lighter than Samsung’s flagship phone. My initial feeling after few days of use is very positive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Teardown

Teardown: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 still the category leader article tells that in 2011 Samsung defined a new category with its 5.3″ diagonal Galaxy Note phone. The original Note was so large it was considered by many as a phone that aspired to be a tablet, hence the term “phablet” was coined. With the third