LED filament lamp teardown

An LED Filament light bulb is an electric light bulb which produces light with a LED that is shaped as a filament. Compared to other LED lights, LED Filament lights are omni-directional and have look similar to old fashioned light bulbs.  So how exactly those bulbs are built? Hackaday article [Mike] Illuminates us on LED

Two oscilloscope teardowns

What is inside a modern oscilloscope?I have show what is inside Tektronix 220 scope. But what about some more modern digital oscilloscopes? Here are some interesting tear-downs I found from Internet. You might find interesting to see them also: First I have found Rigol DS4014  100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope teardown video Rigol DS4014 Teardown. (for

Tek TDS 220 scope teardown

This was a broken scope considered beyond worth to repair by service, but I got it working again… (white tape that holds jumper wire going to display connector). Thank you for service manuals in Internet. Google search and YouTube are repair hacker’s friend. Posted from WordPress for Android

Diel cheap tablet teardown

Here is teardown pics of several years old diel brand tablet sold by e-ville.com. The tablet costed around 50 euros at the time. It was cheap but not very good. And it broke quite quickly. Main ICs: WM8650 CPU, RT5370N WLAN, VIA VT1603, SAMSUNG K9GAG08U0E, two NANYA NT5TU128M8DE-AD Posted from WordPress for Android