Netgem N7700 STB teardown

Elisa Viihde is a IPTV service sold by Finnish telecom operator Elisa. The system works so that you have a set-top-box that connect to your cable TV and your Internet connection. You can use the set-top-box to view both live cable TV signal, your recorded TV programs from IPTV video recorder (in “cloud”), pay TV though IPTV and rent digital movies.

Elisa has used over the years several different set-top-box models. Netgem N7700 and N7800 are the newest model being used. They have new features, but have got some mixed reviews from users. Here is view what is inside Netgem N77000.


  1. Tomi Engdahl says:

    - wlan is USB stick inside device
    - there were no markings I could find in main CPU
    - I quess that the doughterboard on left next to antenna tuner could be DVB-C receiver IC (could make different versions for different TV standards quite easily)

  2. Tomi Engdahl says:

    Another STB that also uses Sony D2817ER decoder IC:
    Dune HD 102W T2 provides new possibilities for TV viewer

  3. Rupa says:

    How to hard reset the Netgem N7700 STB?


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