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Text message ripoff

Everyone knows that movie popcorn is one of the biggest ripoffs, right? It turns out that movie popcorn carries a 600 percent markup. The biggest ripoff: text message beats movie popcorn article tells that the text messaging has a much bigger markup. Text messages themselves, are just tiny blips of data being transferred to and

DIY fiber optic microscope

Fiber optic microscopes are used to inspect connectors to check the quality of the termination procedure and diagnose problems. A well made connector will have a clean, smooth, polished and scratch free finish. There is not be any signs ofcracks, chips or fiber not even with the ferrule front. The magnification for viewing connectors can

Fiber optic testing ideas

When working with fiber optics, you need some special tools to check fiber connections. Continuity checking makes certain the fibers are not broken and to trace a path of a fiber from one end to another through many connections. You can use a visible light “fiber optic tracer” or “pocket visual fault locator“. It looks

Progress on the Symbian

Symbian is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, accounting for 50% of smartphone sales according to Wikipedia. The Symbian Blog posting Progress on the Symbian^3 and Symbian^4 contribution plans tells the quantity and quality of features that the community is planning for Symbian^3 mobile phone operating system. Symbian^3 is nearing Functionally Complete (expected to

Users want more on mobiles

Survey shows how users want more on mobiles article tells about a survey conducted by ABI Research on behalf of Mirics Semiconductor Ltd. Mirics had paid for the survey because although it was commonly held that consumers wanted more bandwidth and more services to their mobile devices the company had not seen factual evidence to

Default Password List

Default Password List has saved the day several times when working with different network equipment. When the instructions are missing or the information on default passwords is very well hidden within the documentation, the Default Password List will give you the password information you quickly.