Telecom and Networking

Default Password List

Default Password List has saved the day several times when working with different network equipment. When the instructions are missing or the information on default passwords is very well hidden within the documentation, the Default Password List will give you the password information you quickly.

Passive Ethernet Tap

Construction and Use of a Passive Ethernet Tap article provides straightforward instructions on how to construct and use a passive Ethernet tap. It allows you to monitor Ethernet traffic on with any hub or switch and any operating system. A passive Ethernet tap is useful when installing an intrusion detection system (IDS) sensor or when

Fading Usenet Newsgroups

Usenet Newsgroups have been great over the past almost twenty years for me. I am finding less and less good posting and always more and more spamming. I fear that we are witnessing the death-rattle of the terminally. The problem is not Usenet newsgroups. Thousands of them are thriving quite nicely today just as they

Computers at the International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) isn’t just an orbiting laboratory, spaceship testing-ground and multinational geek-fest — it’s also the world’s highest (250 miles) and fastest (17,500mph) computer network. Tracking and Data Relay Satellites (TDRS) allow constant radio communications in the S- and Ku-band, while UHF signals are used to talk with the Space Shuttle and

Higher Speed Ethernet

Advances in data center technology and Internet usage have pushed enterprises to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (Gbps) links. Services like search engines, carriers, ISPs need even higher speeds. Lacking alternatives to 10-Gbps connections, carriers and enterprises have resorted to using multiple 10 Gbps connection (expensive solution). Projected Internet traffic growth mandates the need for higher speed

Linux for netbooks

Some users believe that Windows is the best netbook OS. You might have read countless Microsoft-funded “studies” trying to persuade that Windows is already dominating the netbook space. Linux is not going anywhere but up in the netbook market. 10 reasons Linux should be your netbook operating system article lists reasons why Linux is a

Broadband Access Becomes Legal Right In Finland

Starting next July 2010, every person in Finland will have the right to a one-megabit broadband connection. Finland’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has made 1-megabit broadband Web access a legal right, YLE, the country’s national broadcasting company, reported on Wednesday.The government had already decided to make a 100 Mb broadband connection a legal right

Nokia N900

I had yesterday change to play a little bit with Nokia N900 mobile communicator at at Expert Expo in Helsinki. This brand new Nokia smartphone that you can’t yet buy anywhere, just pre-order. This device runs on Maemo Linux operating system and worked well. This device felt much better than Nokia N97. The tough screen